project design and planning

The team at form renovations are passionate about design, function and quality. Our hands-on experience in bathroom and kitchen renovations enables us to offer specific and insightful guidance with respect to the design and planning of your project. We will facilitate a comprehensive design brief, including materials, product and colour, that will reflect your personal requirements and help you achieve a tailored space that compliments your lifestyle.


Following the design and planning stage we will collate an accurate estimate and timeframe to renovate your home. We ensure our clients are fully informed prior to undertaking a project to instil total confidence and alleviate any trepidation. After all we dislike nasty surprises as much as you!


project management

Achieving a successful design brief and selecting the right components for your new renovation are the first crucial steps to the overall success of your project. However without the necessary expertise to manage suppliers and sub-contractors the build phase can quickly unravel, ultimately leading to cost overruns and a substandard finish.


Form renovations will remove the complexity of managing your project, ensuring your renovation experience is stress-free, enjoyable and rewarding. Most importantly you can be assured the finished product will be one of quality and will reflect your investment for years to come.


before we begin

Bathrooms and kitchens are unique in the sense that, on a square meter basis, they are perhaps the most design and capital intensive rooms you can renovate. As such it is imperative you establish a budget. This is perhaps the most difficult aspect of planning your new renovation, but unless you have a limitless supply of money it is also the most important factor governing your project. Your designer will work within the parameters of your budget and will keep you on track throughout the design phase.


The more information you can supply us the better equipped we will be to understand and cater for your specific requirements. Furthermore you will alleviate much of the guesswork we sometimes face ensuring you will receive an accurate and meaningful estimate.

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